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AFA Accountants

UK Online Tax Return Service

You have found the easiest and most cost effective solution to your accounting and tax matters. Using our system, the input required can take just a few minutes of your time and the rest you leave to us. We will prepare and file your return quickly and efficiently for a very minimum fee. Contact us Now!


AFA Accountants offers various offers

  • Preparation and submission of personal tax returns
  • Preparation of company accounts and submission of corporation tax returns
  • Preparation and submission of conformation statements
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • Preparation and submission of Quarterly management accounts.
  • Cloud accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Setting clients business on cloud accounting software and provide training to clients accounting team.

Why Us

The support team of AFA Accountants combines over 100 years practical experience in the following fields:

  • Senior Accountancy
  • Residential and Commercial Landlord
  • General Self-Employment
  • Company administration
  • Administration of PAYE systems
  • Direct negotiations with HMRC
  • Creative Artistry


Anyone who needs to complete a UK tax return. We deal with individuals and partnerships – full or part time self-employed, freelancers, landlords, higher-rate taxpayers, sub contractors in the CIS scheme, pensioners, whether resident in the UK or resident anywhere in the world.

When using AFA Accountants, you are using a system that has been honed to perfection.  Rather than wading through endless forms, your personal input is kept to the absolute minimum. Whether you have to submit a tax return now or at some time in the future we make it easy for you.

If a query does arise, you have a direct link to an experienced team via a choice of secure channels, so there is no tiresome waiting on help lines for assistance.

Simply fill in the Contact us Now! form

We guarantee never to use your email address, or other details, for any purpose other than your communications with AFA Accountants concerned with the completion of your tax return.

This is a ‘Unique Tax Reference’ which is required in all cases in order to submit a tax return.  This is required as an entry on our ‘Essentials’ form  at the end of the process and therefore all other stages, including tax calculation and payment summary can proceed without this number.  If you don’t have one, we can advise you on how to apply and provide the applicable form for you.  We do this entirely free of charge.  Please note that obtaining this number can take up to six weeks and therefore this should be borne in mind with a view to the 31st January deadline to submit the tax return without £100 penalty.

Yes, we can go back five years before the current due tax return, although very early tax returns cannot be submitted online and have to be produced for manual signing and posting to HMRC.

Yes we will.  As soon as we have your emailed approval we will electronically file your return.  We will also send you the HMRC confirmation of submission which legally links to the tax return by way of the IR mark.

When your completed and approved return is submitted to HMRC with confirmation receipt sent to you, we will ask you to pay our fee, which is due immediately following submission.

After your tax return has been submitted, or in other circumstances where the fee is required, we will send you our bank details to pay. You can use a standard credit or debit card.  No card details are retained by us and these are only required by the third party operator (Paypal).


We would be delighted to hear from you and guarantee a prompt response. Thank you for your interest in AFA Accountants.

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